Lauréane Meaning - Origin

Lauréane Meaning - Origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Lauréane comes from Latin laurus which means "laurel". In the literary sense, Laureane designates "the queen crowned with laurels" in Roman antiquity.


No laureate known until today, your little marvel will be perhaps?

His character :

Free spirit, Laureane cherishes her freedom to which she holds as to the apple of her eyes. Not loving excessive authority, Laureane can not stand to be told what to do. Despite this fierce side, Lauréane is a child pleasant to live. Gifted with a formidable relational intelligence, she reveals herself to be mischievous and mischievous. Possessing real social facilities, Lauréane likes to captivate and hold the attention.

This pretty princess a bit pipelette will take a lot of fun to learn. Sociable and pleasant company, Lauréane will have many friends.


Laureanah, Lauréana, Loréane and Loréanah are all variants of Lauréane.

His party :

Lauréane is celebrated every October 19 in memory of Saint Laura. Lauréane's other party: Lauréane also celebrates August 10th, when Saint Laurent is celebrated.

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