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Paco's Christmas the penguin

A white ball of hair bounced near Paco the penguin. It was his friend Albert the polar bear who was stamping on the approach of Christmas.- Go! swarm a little, Paco! Albert said to him. "I do what I can! protested Paco.

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  • Paco, on the ice, was much less at ease than Albert, who could, by planting his claws, frolic at his ease. He, who was moving slowly, seemed to be trying not to fall. Albert kept waiting for him, and Paco hurry up.
  • But everything was going to change after New Year's Eve, because Paco, in his letter to Santa Claus, had asked for a gift that would fix everything: ice skates! Thus equipped, he would go as fast as Albert on the pack ice. Together, they would be able to expand their playground and explore new corners.
  • He did not know that Albert, for his part, had asked Santa for a sledge. But sledge or skates, they would finally be on the same footing.- Well, I can not wait, got impatient Albert, I go home. And see you at the first hour, tomorrow, okay? "" Okay, Albert.
  • A huge flake rolling on the ice-floe, that's what Albert was like going away. Paco slowed his pace and walked down the path that brought him home. In doing so, he passed near the mailbox where, a week earlier, he had slipped his precious mail. As he approached, he saw a strange spot at the foot of the box.

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