Your child 3-5 years

Quick, a sand castle!

How does a sand castle work? What are the good proportions to keep it going? Did you know that scientists have been looking at children's sandcastles and finding out what great constructions these children were building?

The ingredients of the sand castle's "recipe"

  • When your child starts building a sand castle, he will first look for seawater to moisten the sand. But not too much ... just enough so that the grains of sand stick together. He then realizes a kind of modeling clay that can be shaped.
  • Why is the castle stronger with seawater? Simply because, as the water evaporates, the salt is compacted and forms the "cement" of the building.
  • According to the journal Nature, here is the ideal composition to make a sand castle: eight volumes of sand for a volume of water. In case you want to imitate your child!

The realization, an art

  • Next step, your builder mulls the wet sand into a bucket and topples it. Hop! Here is the solid foundation of a tower.
  • Attention to the operation "packing", very delicate because it consists in bringing the grains as much as possible. So you must not tamp down. Tap gently. A big blow and everything can collapse ... A pressure too low and the sand could not come out of its mold.
  • Watch as your child has understood the good gesture alone!

The final touch

  • Your artist did not finish because he mounted the walls, added towers and consolidated the walls. No, it lacks the decor!
  • Admire its aesthetic sense: a shell here, a mussel there and some feathers of birds recovered on the sand: what a masterpiece!

Safia Amor

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