Birthday train (Emma)

Birthday train (Emma)

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That's what my son and I did for his birthday cake for his 3 years. He was proud as a rooster to bring this "birthday train" to school.


  • - a family bar (four-four style, pure Breton butter bar)
  • - Nutella
  • - wafers
  • - various candies


Take a family bar (style four four, pure Breton butter bar), cut in large sections (wagons!) And Nutella napper, then place gold straws or other wafers on the flat (rails), arrange the cars top and decorate as you wish: little round candies = gravel; teddy bears = travelers, smarties in the last car a little dug (goods wagon); half of little butters = windows, etc ... The kids love to make this cake. No cooking = no danger or failure and the surprise of the friends when he sees this "cake"! Good fun and good tasting!