Your baby 0-1 year

Sweet, salty, bitter, sour: ready for the flavors

Sugar ? Your gourmand adores it! The sea ? It will take a little more time to enjoy ... But the game is worth the candle to be curious about everything and "feast" in life.

The advice of Marie-Claire Thareau-Dupire, expert in taste, to help you accompany her on this journey, from sweet to bitter.

  • From birth, your child is ready to learn physiological taste. The taste is 90% a smell and the smell of your newborn is extremely developed! He captures the flavors thanks to the taste buds that line not only his tongue but also his entire oral cavity. Some are sensitive to sweet, salty, sour or bitter flavors, the others inform your toddler about the texture or the temperature of the food. From the age of food diversification, your baby has the best guides: you, his mom! To you the happiness to lead him to discover an infinite range that goes from sweet ... to bitter. See how he reacts.

It's sweet

  • What does it do ? It's sweet like breast milk.
  • How does he discover this flavor? In utero already! The fetus inhales the amniotic fluid through the nose and spits it out through the mouth and sucks more eagerly if the liquid is sweet. Then through the breast milk, sweetened with a thousand nuances (artichoke, banana ...) that he perceives thanks to his subtle sensory capacities. During the food diversification period, the child enjoys mashed carrots or raw or cooked apples. Their naturally sweet flavor seduces him.
  • He likes ? The pleasure of sugar is innate. If for example, you put a little sucrose solution on your lips, your baby sketches a smile, sucking movements ...
  • Council +: do not suck or very little food. It would be a shame to limit your toddler to that flavor that camouflages others. Would you be able to really enjoy a coffee if you put six sugars in it?

It's dirty

  • What does it do ? A few grains of salt on an egg and here it is better. Salt awakens the taste.
  • How does he discover this flavor? In its purees. Foods contain mineral salts that are naturally salty if you opt for a gentle and suitable cooking (steam, smothered) that enhances this flavor.
  • He likes ? It depends on the intensity. A toddler is very sensitive. What may seem faded is not for him.
  • Council +: the excess of salt is dangerous, that contained in the food is sufficient. Like sugar, it hides other flavors. Beware of some cheeses that contain a lot. As for all flavors, your child goes from 2 years old, with you at the table. He will surely enjoy adding three grains of salt to his dish.

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