Baby sleep: 15 tips from moms

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Anti-noise tips to not wake up baby, smart tips to reassure him at bedtime, smart ideas to make life easier during bedtime ... here are 15 tips from mom for baby sleep is sweet !

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Baby sleep: 15 tips from moms (15 photos)

15 tips for baby sleep

Scotch noise

"To lower the sound level of some of my grandmothers' toys and to ensure my baby's sleep, I found an unstoppable way: I attach adhesive to half of the toy's speaker. weekends are a little quieter and my elders are not likely to spoil hearing. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Zip in the back

"In order for my 11-month-old son to get rid of his turbulette at night, I had the idea to put it upside down so he can not slide the zip anymore!"

15 tips for baby sleep

Anti-grinding oil

"My baby's bedroom door started to creak, so I did not have the chance to wake him when I came in or to keep him from falling asleep, so I had the idea to put some oil in a spray bottle. pocket and I sprayed on the hinges of the door.Since then, I enter quietly.

15 tips for baby sleep

Bed with straps

"When my son left his crib for a big bed, I bought a pair of suspenders, I put it under the mattress and fixed it on the sides of the comforter, so my little boy stays covered all the way. night which does not prevent him from entering and leaving his bed thanks to the elastics that leave the soft duvet. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Never without my pacifier!

"Clara woke us up on average three times a night so we could get her nipple back in her bed." As she always had her soft rabbit-shaped blanket with her, I sewed pacifiers on her paws. The result was magical: overnight, our nights became calm. "

15 tips for baby sleep

To go from arm to bed

"It often happens to Clara to fall asleep in my arms or in her lounger.Of course, when I want to lie down in her bed, she wakes up and starts to cry.To that the" transfer "is done in sweetness, just heat her sleeping bag and bed with a hair dryer just before bedtime. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Calm for the nap

"The drawers in my daughter's dresser were squeaking, and when I was tidying her nap she was bothering her, so I soaked a sheet of paper towel with oil and rubbed it on the sliders. From each drawer, I have been quietly storing away and my daughter is enjoying her nap. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Little night music

"As William was struggling to tell the difference between night and day, I had an idea: I bought two music boxes, one for naps and the other for the night. days, my son was doing his nights, me too! "

15 tips for baby sleep

Quilt quickly

"You fight like me with the duvet covers when it comes to putting them on?" I found the parade: as soon as I reach the two corners of the cover, I fix the duvet with the help of I just have to shake everything. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Found maternal heat

"After feeding, my 1 1/2 month-old baby falls asleep in my arms, trying to put him to bed as delicately as possible, but every time he wakes up and starts crying. I'm sure the warmth of our "body-to-body" was definitely missing, and now I'm putting his turbulette on my skin for his meal and when I put it in, he does not get angry anymore. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Small feet in place

"At night, by pedaling, the feet of the babies are found in one leg of pajamas.At the maternity, I had been advised to put socks on the pajamas.But, still because of the pedaling, they did not I bought non-slip socks that I put on upside down, not only do they not move, but the feet stay warm. "

15 tips for baby sleep

Mom still there

"I'm used to singing lullabies to my baby to calm him down or before bedtime, so to soothe him during a fit of crying in my absence, I recorded the sweet songs on a tape recorder. specify that it works! "

15 tips for baby sleep

Roll in silence

"Well settled in their carrier, my elders are engaged, early in the morning, in frantic races in the apartment.To spare my ears, and especially those of the baby and my neighbors, I stick around each wheel a ribbon of foam usually for thermal insulation, what a rest! "

15 tips for baby sleep

In utero music

"When I was pregnant with my son, I put a musical blanket on my belly before sleep, and since he was born, I put this music to him at bedtime." He smiles, then falls asleep peacefully. is magic! "

15 tips for baby sleep

Dodo like at home ...

"My baby has trouble falling asleep in the bed when we're not at home, so I had the idea of ​​stretching pieces of fabric the same way as the bedstead his room, so the decor is familiar to him and he falls asleep more easily. "