Roses of chocolate sands

Roses of chocolate sands

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Here is a nice dessert to devour ... eyes too! A good idea also small gourmet gifts to offer to the family wrapped in a beautiful box.


  • 1 pack of cornflakes
  • 100 g of chocolate to cook
  • 200 g of vegetal
  • 100 g caster sugar
  • 4 to 5 c. tablespoon of milk
  • vermicelli in colored sugar.


Step 1: Once the preparation is complete, the little hands can assemble the roses of the sands. Plan an apron for each child. Step 1: Melt the broken chocolate and the milk in a bain-marie. Add the vegetal. Stir. Step 2: empty the cornflakes into a bowl and pour over the contents of the pan. Step 3: Mix with a spatula so that the cornflakes are well impregnated with the chocolate mixture. Step 4: Have the children form small, tight heaps of chocolate cornflakes and sprinkle them with colored vermicelli. Let cool before tasting.