When to go to the maternity ward?

When to go to the maternity ward?

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"I'm expecting my fourth child and I'm stressing about giving birth, my third was born at home, I had no one to look after my two grown-ups and I waited too long." What advice can you give me? ? " Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, a gynecologist, answers Flore's question.

The answer of Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, gynecologist

  • The signs that should make you go to the maternity ward are close contractions, the loss of water. But in your case, what happened to your third child is likely to happen again. A birth at home that is not planned in advance is always a source of risk for you and the baby. It is then preferable to start your delivery a fortnight before the end so that you can organize yourself and not have any anxiety.
    Tell the doctor who follows you so you can give birth to your child in peace and security.

The mothers' point of view

  • "It's true that it's hard to appreciate when to leave, even though I've talked to the midwife for a long time about pre-birth training. I took my eldest to my mother's house at the first contractions, it was a little too early because I gave birth twelve hours later, but that reassured me. " Diana
  • "When I heard that I was expecting my third child, my gynecologist told me that I was very likely to give birth fairly quickly, so I contacted my family and friends to make sure they could to keep my children when the time comes and not to be caught off guard, to give birth at home or in the car, it was unthinkable! " Kathie

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