Name Silvère - Meaning of origin

Name Silvère - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Latins, Old French

Meaning of the name:

The first name Silvere comes from the Latin word silva meaning "forest".


The musician and singer Silvère Burlot.

Saint Silvere, the son of Pope Hormisdas. At the death of his father, Silvere was pontificated by Vitigès and then dismissed under the scheme of Vigile who wanted his place. Exiled in Asia Minor by the latter, then sent back to Rome by the Emperor Justinian, he died in 537. Victim of the ill-treatment inflicted by Pope Vigilus, he is considered a martyr.

His character :

Curious and energetic, Silvere is interested in everything. This great talker feels the constant need to be listened to. He likes to give his opinion, share his knowledge and express his feelings. Under his shell of "talkative" hides a shy boy who lacks self-confidence.

Attaching great importance to the affection of those he loves, he needs their gratitude and tenderness to feel valued. Appreciated for his altruism, he makes friends easily.


Sylver, Silver, Sylvert and Sylvère are derived from the first name Silvère.

His party :

Silvere is celebrated on June 20th

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