Name Philbert - Meaning and origin

Name Philbert - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic, Originals, Rare, Old French

Meaning of the name:

Philbert has its origins from the Germanic words fili and Berht resulting in "many" and "brilliant" respectively.


The first president of the Malagasy Republic Philbert Tsiranana.

Philbert has for patron saint Philibert. Saint Philibert lived in the seventh century. He renounced wealth and his brilliant career to become a monk. He retired to a monastery where he was named abbot. Because of his austerity and bad character, he was ousted and decided to found a monastery on the island of Noirmoutier where he died in 686.

His character :

Extraverted, Philbert likes the contact of others. Tolerant and generous, he has a real sense of friendship and can not stand injustice, especially towards the weak. Voluntary, he devotes himself entirely to each of the causes that he considers just. Emotive since his childhood, Philbert must learn to control his emotions. He needs the attention and encouragement of his parents. He also manifests from a very young age the desire to succeed. He will demonstrate a great willingness and determination to achieve his goals.


Philibert, Filiberto, and Philiberte.

His party :

Philbert is celebrated on August 20th.

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